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About HTG

Head Tilt Games is an indie studio established in June 2019. It is comprised of a small team of developers and artists alike. We developed our first commercial game, Millions of Minions and released it in late 2020. From then, we’ve expanded to a multiplayer-driven, co-operative shooter with a focus on physics shenanigans; currently, it is in early development and is named ‘Project: SPIES’.

Millions of Minions

You’re locked away in the deepest, darkest dungeon. It’s time to escape with your army of cute-looking minions. Use them as shields, leverage or to rule the land. Find out why you’re locked away and defeat all who stand in your way.
Available on Steam

Player Reviews

“Great game! I love it!!”

“Millions of Minions is actually very fun! Every time I play it, I have such a great time! The visuals are great, the mechanics are good, and the sound effects and music just add something to it.”

“. . . it’s already addicting . . .”

“This game is very relaxing and enjoyable for all ages! I would 100% Reccomend this game to anyone who likes the following genres: Single Player, Top-Down, Action, Indie!”

“I love this game. I love how its relaxing to play yet hard at the same time. I love the music in the background…”