From making games for YOU and making games for the world, we will ensure to make the most memorable experiences for all players.

Who makes it happen?

A Picture of Co-Founder, Matt Bull

Matt Bull

Co-Founder & Game Director

Forming the business, Matt took the lead on design & programming. Although, he was missing something...

A Picture of Co-Founder, Enoch Smith

Enoch Smith

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Enoch was the lord and savior! Providing the business with fantastic art direction and beautiful pieces!

A Picture of Production Manager, Liam Allen

Liam Allen


Joining later on, Liam quickly became an integral part of our community building.


Established in 2019, Head Tilt Games first began as a couple of hobbyists: Matt and Enoch. Together, they produced their first game called ‘Belated’; a platformer made for the Community Game Jam. From there, they continued their game jamming until Millions of Minions came along…


Starting from Ludum Dare 45, Millions of Minions was the first project Head Tilt Games developed and self-published on Steam in 2019 (Early Access), leading to a full release in 2020. We learnt a lot from this project, and for that, it’ll always be held within a warm part of our hearts. Check it out here!

Banner image of Millions of Minions


In 2021, we spent the year learning and expanding our skillset. From networking programming, improved art styles and more efficient production, we were sure to be ready for the next project we set out to develop. This year was paramount to our team expanding and it greatly improved the chemistry between us.


Our first fully-fledged multiplayer project and second big project. With our rejuvenated minds and motivated workflow, we were more than ready to take on this monumental challenge. Starting pre-production in late-2021 and entering production in early-2022, we were prepared to show our game to the public at Insomnia 68!

For more information, including press info and screenshots/gameplay, please download the presskit, here.

Banner image of Slap-It Together